Rating – 5/5

Pages – 860 pages

Duration of reading – 21st June to 15th September 2019
Almost 3 months, off & on because I had to read my book club books too

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There is nothing better than these 860 pages together, that I have read! And trust me, I have read a lot! Specially coming from someone who has more fiction in her head than reality, you can blindly trust my choice here!

It is a story of Theo, his loss, his grief, his emotions, his turmoil, his tumultuous relationships, friendships and affection. 

And along with his journey, it is also the story of the painting that due to some circumstances is his precious!

It is lengthy! A book close to 900 pages needs a lot of commitment and I am so glad I picked it up! It could have easily been carried away and gotten boring but not this one! The story is so well knit that it is no less than a page turner.

Donna Tartt is such an eloquent writer that she will not loose your attention, even for a phrase! She sets up such visually appealing settings that you feel absorbed in each scene! I can safely say that this one is going to be my favourite for a long long time!

It has been turned into a movie recently and I am yet to watch it. But, I am always so biased towards the books that the movies are never good enough.

Favourite characters –

The book is entirely around Theo, so would be difficult to not like his character. Though I really would have liked more of him. Imagine me saying this after reading close to 900 pages about him. But I found his character a little conflicting at places, specially due to a leap in between. i would have liked to know how those years were for him.

But the side character I really resonated well with, would be Mrs. Barbour. It was like I could feel her emotions. And I liked how she had her feelings boxed in but still the soft edges were described so beautifully by her character. BTW, Nicole Kidman plays her part in the movie! Exciting much?

Another character that is very well put in the book, is that of Boris. Though, he was too loud for my taste, but you might like him.

There are so many characters with different streaks to them that it can be a joy ride. To name a few, Pippa, Hobie, Xandra, Andy, Platt, Kitsey…….

Favourite quote/phrase –

“Caring too much for objects can destroy you. Only—if you care for a thing enough, it takes on a life of its own, doesn’t it? And isn’t the whole point of things—beautiful things—that they connect you to some larger beauty?” 

This is the true essence of the book, in one sentence.

I know people who did not like it, found it too long, or was not the kind of fiction that appeals to them. But, then, it is not an all or none, when it comes to books. I was so in love with the style of writing, that I am sure to pick up her other books once I find time.

If there is any other book that had you like this one had me, or an author who is this perfect, or if you just read the book, do comment & let me know! Happy reading!


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