Maldives 2019

I am Dr. Nikita Mathur. A dentist by profession, on a lookout for my passion. Past years have made me realise my love for travel and books. As an extension of the avid reader in me, I am a passionate writer too. Hence, here we are talking about everything.

I am a new mother and exploring the grounds of modern parenting is my new fad. And, I am pretty excited to show the world to this boy of mine.

Wanderlust struck me (hard) around a decade back and I have only grown and evolved as a traveller ever since. Much has changed over the years. New places, new phases of life, new challenges! It is all worth it when I see what a minuscule part I am, in this wonderful wide world!

Probably, for me, one world is not enough! Maybe that is the reason I always have a parallel universe woven around me in the form of books. The love that started with the fictional world of Enid Blyton, has very graciously embraced a variety of genres of reading. Still, the heart-pounding thrillers remain my absolute favourite!

But well,

“Life happens when you are busy making other plans”

So here I am , documenting my life, one blabber at a time!

Hop on board, hover over the menu, pick your topic and have a go. Something might interest you!